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Getting Started with the Alfred 5 Early Access 😃

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Welcome, and thanks for joining the Early Access for Alfred 5. We're really excited to finally be able to share it with our community! :) 


If you're here, it's likely you're already up and running, but just in case, here are some key links:


You can run Alfred 4 and Alfred 5 concurrently (but obviously not at the *same* time :D ) so there's no need to delete Alfred 4. (See "Maintaining workflows" below for some tips)


We've been using Alfred 5 internally for a while now, so we anticipate that these builds should be stable and reliable for you. If you come across any unexpected behaviour, please pop a post in this subforum, detailing which build you're using, version of macOS and other relevant information.


The focus of this Early Access is primarily to shake out any bugs, experiment with the new workflow objects, etc. rather than making feature suggestions. As we've hinted in a few other threads, we have great plans for Alfred after 5.0, so there'll be room for suggestions later on. 


Maintaining workflows:

Keep in mind that any workflows you're maintaining for the community shouldn't use Alfred 5-only objects for now. A good way to deal with this is to create a new set of preferences (or duplicate your v4 prefs) to a new sync location so that you can keep both separate.


A few more minor points:

  • Please check for updates regularly and before reporting issues, as we'll be fixing any bugs that arise and adding further polish to the release between now and GA.
  • Documentation links for new objects won't work yet as the docs aren't all live
  • Please report any instance of "Alfred 4" mentions in the preferences, we tried to catch them all but I bet we missed some! :) 


Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask! 

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