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Family License vs Mega Supporter License


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Hey all excited for Alfred 5!


I was looking at license options for upgrading. I have a family license for Alfred 4. I was considering switching to a Mega Supporter License. What are the differences in device limitations between a Family License and a Mega Supporter License? I notice that the family license isn't documented on the license types page anymore.



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@EthanG45 The Family license is a legacy license type, which is no longer offered as a new license. You can upgrade your Family license to Alfred 5, but there's no lifetime (Mega Supporter) version for it.


Alternatively, if you would prefer a personal (non-family-shared) lifetime license, you can opt for the Mega Supporter as a new license.


Drop us a line on info@ if you need to check anything else with regards to licensing and I'll be happy to help :)





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