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Convert multimarkdown > latex > pdf

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Convert multimarkdown > latex > pdf

This workflow generates a .tex file from a multimarkdown (mmd) text document and then converts it into a pdf. It's triggered by typing the name of the mmd document you'd like to process in Alfred and then choosing mmd > LaTeX > pdf from the workflow menu.
Stuff you need to have
The commands used are mmd2tex latexmk, makeglossaries, bibtex and pdflatex. Obviously, you need to have them installed. You'll also need the appropriate mmd header files in your Library folder, as well as accurate headings in your mmd text file (e.g. name and location of your BibTeX file, the type of LaTeX header you'd like to use, etc.). If you use mmd regularly, you probably know what I'm talking about and have everything already downloaded and installed. If the last few sentences made no sense, then please see Fletcher Penney's website on mmd. His mmd manual is pretty comprehensive, and discusses how to combine LaTeX and mmd using all the commands and files just mentioned. Everything is free.


The script only works on a .txt or .md files. The name of your BibTeX document must match the name of your mmd document, i.e., if your mmd document is called mydoc.txt then your BibTeX document must be called mydoc.bib. It must also be in the same folder as your mmd document. However, there's no need to actually have a BibTeX document. The script runs just fine without it.

Feel free to use it however you wish. I made this script for myself and haven't tested it anywhere else, so I'm sure it's not perfect. If you have any problems or know how it could be improved, please let me know.


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