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New tab instead of new window

Joost de Valk

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Loving the new automation tasks for getting current window from Safari and Chrome, but I'd really like to be able to explicitly open a new tab in both, instead of a new window. Is that an option?

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Here's a JXA script that should accomplish what I think you're looking for. You can implement this via the "run script' action. Make sure you select the /usr/bin/osascript (JavaScript) option to add the code into. If you want to do both, just create a loop over the browsers array.

var browsers = ["Safari", "Google Chrome"]
//for chrome -- use browsers[1] or just write the string
//for safari -- use browsers[0] or just write the string 
var app = Application(browsers[1])
app.includeStandardAdditions = true

var window = app.windows[0]
tab = app.Tab() //new tab
//NOTE if you want a specific url for that tab: tab = app.Tab({url: https://www.example.com})
window.tabs.push(tab) //add the tab to the array of current tabs
window.currentTab = tab //make this the current tab


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Welcome @Joost de Valk,


You just need the Open URL Action. Web browsers by default open URLs in new tabs.


@fwdalpha That won’t work universally. Webkit and Chromium browsers have different AppleScript dictionaries, in particular with respect to currentTab, which is named activeTab in Chromium browsers and you switch to it by passing the tab’s index, not the object. In short, that code will work for Safari but not Google Chrome. And you can remove the app.includeStandardAdditions line.

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