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Why not iCloud sync for Alfred preferences?

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I have set up synchronisation with iCloud today, however one thing bothers me. The documentation says, that "we don't recommend using iCloud or Google Drive". The documentation later states, that Dropbox is more reliable than Google Drive.

What are technical/objective reasons for such remarks? I just ask of curiosity.

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@Nuno iCloud isn't currently recommended due to being slower at syncing (sometimes not syncing at all for a long period of time), being less reliable and doing a poor job of file conflict resolution.


In our internal testing and when supporting users who chose to use iCloud, we saw preferences being lost, especially due to file conflicts where iCloud loses files or reverts to old versions when it's unable to resolve them.


We're very keen to improve the sync options and already have a broad plan for this. There are quite a few aspects to doing this well, such as adding an automatic local backup option, ensuring that if syncing goes wrong, you have a recent backup you can go back to, so we'll be looking into this further once Alfred 5 is out and settled. :)


Having said that, if you'd like to experiment with using iCloud, you can do it; Just make sure you keep your preferences backed up using Time Machine or another regular backup service of your choice.

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Allow me to add to this: @Vero , have you tested syncing with the major Dropbox changes in Ventura and the later versions of Monterey? Now that it has to use cloudstorage [and theyre just now slowly implementing and working on that support] the experience is vastly different

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Hey @vitor, overall it's been pretty messy and definitely not easy to migrate, though that's due more to their lack of documentation/communication and overall dropboxyness of the process. Nothing specific to report or ask for help on. Overall it seems to be working a lot closer to how icloud does, hence my curiosity.

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Oof, it's become a mess. Seems to be syncing similar to icloud - not with .icloud extensions etc just... not quite reliable in its current form. I'll get my end figured out, this post is to let you know it may become a thing. But also, maybe not! Ah well

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22 minutes ago, suth said:

I recently switched over to Maestral instead of the official Dropbox client


Maestral is specifically not recommended:



The third-party Dropbox client Maestral cannot sync file permissions because they aren't made available through the API. This can break your Workflows by making scripts non-executable.

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On 8/3/2022 at 12:02 PM, vitor said:


Maestral is specifically not recommended:



Ah, disappointment. I think this should be mentioned with the Dropbox instructions since it's relevant to Dropbox users and not after iCloud and Google drive.

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51 minutes ago, luckman212 said:

Syncthing has a version that's bundled as a macOS native app. It's open-source, a universal binary so runs well on M1, and hasn't let me down once in over 2 years syncing my Alfred prefs along with 30+GiB of other files between 2 Macs. Highly recommended.



I read it briefly and will try. Is there a option to set sync option such as Two way, one way? How does it resolve conflicts? How much resources it consumes during syncing? For office files, I use onedrive but it takes lot of resources - ram, battery etc.

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