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Run Alfred as midi to interact with other midi programs

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The image below shows the idea. Using Alfred remote as a trigger to activate all the assigned midi messages would be a perfect use case scenario. I would also like to see OSC support and that way I could also control Blackmagic Atem Switchers the same way. I've tried using sendmidi and sendosc via terminal but I have had no success in getting either to work for me. Having built in integration for midi, like keyboard maestro, makes this process so much easier to implement and extremely flexible. It could make Alfred a go to app for audio and video engineers like myself. Thanks to anyone who can resolve this or write up the code and have it built in to Alfred itself. Cheers

pp7 and alfred midi.jpg

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Sort of figured this one out using sendmidi from https://github.com/gbevin/SendMIDI and using apples built in midi IAC Driver, I called my midi out "Alfred -> Midi Out". So therefore using this apple script "sendmidi dev IAC Driver Alfred -> Midi Out on 26 5" will execute the sendmidi command via IAC Driver on midi note 26 and 5 out to any receiving app that you have activated. Should also work with controlling lighting software that use midi or any other program if setup correctly. 


I also have Alfred triggering OSC protocols using sendosc from https://github.com/yoggy/sendosc. Here is an example of how I am using it to control a Blackmagic Atem Switcher

sendosc 8000 /System/Volumes/Data/Applications/Blackmagic\ ATEM\ Switchers/ATEM\ Software\ Control.app

sendosc /atem /program 1

This one is a bit more complicated because you will need to have everything on a local network or make sure the switcher has a static IP address.


I set these up on the Alfred remote app and it allows me to run a live production from my phone or iPad sort of like a portable el gato stream deck and I can still have access to other workflows if need be. 


Hope this helps

SendOSC to Atem Workflow.png

SendMIDI Workflow.png

SendMIDI Alfred Remote Page.png

SendOSC to Atem Alfred Remote Page.png

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