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I would like to see the ability to get to clipboard content easier in all scripts. Similar to the {query}, there could be a {clipboard} macro to expand the contents of the clipboard. I know there are command line functions that I can incorporate in my scripts, but that requires loading more programs. I usually have my system running at max (video editing, program editing, uploading/downloading videos all at the same time). Therefore, it actually is noticeable on my system the slow down of launch more programs (I know, I need to get more memory. Money is not easy these days!).


Even better, it would be great to have {clipboard1}, {clipboard2}, ... for the different levels in the clipboard manager in Alfred. That way I can write workflows that would use the clipboard "stack" like a register stack in programming. Just load up the different contents and then launch the workflow (yes, I come from a Forth background. I have written several TILs, so that mindset is easy for me).


What do you think?

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I can't imagine that using pbpaste from the command line (in a bash script) would require enough processing or memory for you to notice anything. pbcopy and pbpaste are the two primary functions used for performing these types of operations. I would check into that and see if it could get you by for the time being.

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It does some, but those also just get the current clipboard and nothing from the history. So, the request was for more than pbpaste and pbcopy will do. I am using these for now, but I really would like the history accessible as well. With this functionality, I can make keywords that will perform actions similar to TextExpander using the history for the different fields. Now you get it?

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