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Automation Tasks Break if Version Mismatch

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So I've noticed that if you have multiple computers running Alfred, with syncing enabled, then the Automation Tasks will break if you update the task list on one machine but not the other..


If a "sync" occurs (modify/create a workflow) and once machine is running a different version of the "Automation Task" file, then the one with the lower version will show "Task Missing"




But once you update the other computers version, they go back to working..


Only pointing this out, as it wasn't initially obvious what was causing this. And if you click on one of the Automation Tasks to configure it, all the options are missing.

Would be nice if these was some sort of message indicating that the workflow has an outdated/lower version of the Automation Task file (not sure what else call it lol)

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@Smpl I have some significant upgrades to this planned in the near future, making it much more clear when there are automation task upgrades available. When you see an issue like you're seeing above (i.e. red / missing), Alfred will offer a task upgrade automatically.


I would have liked to get this in for the v5 release, but I had to draw a line, and these improvements didn't make the cut.

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