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'Convert' workflow not working

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Hello everyone,


I am a long time Alfred user, and for a very long time I used the below 'Convert' workflow daily to help with currency conversion.


However, for some reason this workflow has stopped working for me. To be specific, when i type in the keyword 'conv', the workflow seems to be working properly (picture 1), but then as soon as I start typing in numbers, or the conversion units after the numbers, the default action reverts to a Google web search (pictures 2 and 3). Does anyone know how to fix this?


Thank you in advance for your time! 

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@dogen Apple have removed Python 2 from macOS Monterey a few versions ago, so workflows that relied on this built-in scripting languages needed to be updated.


You can read about the changes to macOS here:



There are various updated versions of the workflow, which you can grab here (but please read the Readme instructions first as these will guide your preferred alternative workflow):


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I updated Alfred to version 5, installed the updated workflows but my workflows continue to go to Google or sometimes a selection of search engines.  I am not sure what to do next other than uninstall Alfred including prefs and start over again. If the problem is solely python 2 then a reinstall is probably not going to work.  I also tried to replace python 2 following instructions on the Alfred site, but that did not work. I understand Apple made a change, as they always will, but I hope Alfred developers will come up with a fix for this problem. Like many other users I simply want Alfred workflows to work as they have been doing for me over the last few years. I don’t have the inclination or time to troubleshoot fixes.  

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