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Alfred Remote no longer runs apps, but connects fine

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MacOS Monterey 12.4
Alfred 4.6.7 (1305)

Ipad - IOS 15.5

Iphone - IOS 15.5


This has been working great for the longest time, as far as I am aware no updates have happened this month on the Mac, or devices.  It worked fine yesterday.


Alfred Remote on both the devices opens up and connects and shows all the icons, when you click an icon it says in the upper left (appname) - OK but nothing happens

I brought up Alfred on the desktop opened the workflows and debugger and it is not registering anything in the debugger when scripts are clicked on the devices.


I have removed and reinstalled IOS Alfred Remote, restarted my Mac, deleted the connections out of Alfred Desktop and reconnected them just fine.

When I create a new app in remote it shows up instantly on either device no problem.


I am not sure what else to check here.  I have gone through the troubleshooter but no issues relate to mine.




This seems similar to this old thread - 




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