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Alfred5: Automation (well, the one I tested...) is slow vs native code


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Please don't get me wrong— the Automations are a very welcome addition and I am happy to have them! I understand that they are a new/early feature and will improve over time. That being said...


Are these AutomationTasks AppleScript based? I tried one out for a test: Identify Frontmost App. It ran about 10x slower (~5s vs 0.5s on my M1) than my hacked-together Swift-based tool frontmost (link). I understand that there's some overhead due to running the Automation via an NSAppleScript loop, but I couldn't figure out another way to iterate over it. (The reason I even checked into this at all is because I noticed the delay when executing the Automation).




I created an example workflow that times & compares these, it can be downloaded here for test & review.


I hope these can be improved and ported to native Alfred functions.

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