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Text (URL) copy - alter text (URL) - past text (URL)

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2 hours ago, martindoersch said:

copies a selected text (URL)


Universal Action Trigger or Hotkey Trigger with Argument set to Selection in macOS.


2 hours ago, martindoersch said:

alters this text (URL) - add a character at a specific location. (after the 16th character add a dash - )


Replace Utility set to “Replace regex (.{16})(.*) with $1-$2”.


2 hours ago, martindoersch said:

pasts the altered text (URL)


Copy to Clipboard Output (check Automatically paste to frontmost app).


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Thanks so much. This works.


I just want to make it more effective for me by adding the following before/after:

  1. Keystroke CMD+L (activate URL in Browser)
  2. Copy the selection to clipboard
  3. do the string replacement with your regex
  4. Paste from clipboard
  5. Keystroke ENTER (to load the new url)
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