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How to make a universal action that asks for extra input

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I made a workflow that lets me publish the selected text as a GitHub gist.


Here's how it works:


I select the text I want to publish, I open Universal Actions, and I select Publish as Gist (my workflow).


Now I'd like to add an extra step that asks for the name of the new gist. I imagine something similar to the built-in Email to... action which asks for the email of the recipient (see attached screenshot).


Is this possible?



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4 hours ago, erusev said:

Any tips on how to pass the 2 variables to an external script?


You can use Run Script and call your script like this:


/usr/local/bin/node transformer.js "$operation" "$capturedString" "$userInput" "$userInputSeparator"


Here, all these args are values that are set using Args utility. In your script, depending on the language, you can fetch these args.  



I think that is a useful workflow. Would be nice if you can share it with the community :)

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