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I want some new feature "Switch to Browser Tab with Matching URL(exactly)" into Automation Tasks

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For example, I have browser tabs like below:





And here, I want to switch to "www.youtube.com/" not else.
But now there is only "Switch to browser tab with matching URL" and this feature doesn't guarantee focus only to "www.youtube.com", it can switch to other tabs started with "www.youtube.com/".
Could you add a new feature for this to switch only if full URL is matched?

Is it hard because the browser doesn't provide the relevant API?

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Posted (edited)

I checked this feature. And this is exactly one I need!!!
Thank you for reply. 🙇‍♂️
I love Alfred5 so much!!!
I wanted to ask you to add the same function to get tabs, but it already exists. Thank you very much.

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