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Janus — Create random non-boring usernames in Alfred

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Hi, I am new to Alfred and want to share one of my workflows called Janus. I would appreciate any feedback and testing. Thanks in advance!


Janus creates random non-boring usernames on the fly. All the username generator out there are unsatisfying for my taste, so I wrote a script that produces results like MIRACLEFRUITZeta.Defino or Asia.STiLeTtO. You can specify the style of the username (lowercase, UPPERCASE, MiXeD) by providing one of 3 arguments and copy the result to your clipboard.


Usage: type janus to generate usernames. Provide an argument (low, up, mix) to set the text-style of the usernames. Copy one of the generated names to your clipboard using command + [1–9]. See GIF below for a visual intro.


Dependencies: Python > 3.8


Download (Github): https://github.com/manesspl/janus-for-alfred/releases/download/v1.0.0/Janus.alfredworkflow 





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