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Devtoys - A Swiss Army knife for developers for Alfred v1.7.1

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A Swiss Army knife for developers for Alfred






DevToys for Windows and DevToysMac provide awesome a Swiss Army knife for developers. It's more productivity to do those things without copy and paste between applications.




  1. Encode - Encode string to `Base64`, `URL` and `HTML`
  2. Decode - Decode string from `Base64`, `URL` and `HTML`
  3. Hash - Hash string as `MD5`, `SHA1`, `SHA256`, `SHA512`
  4. JWT - JWT Decoder for `Header`, `Payload`
  5. CheckSum - `MD5`, `SHA1`, `SHA256`, `SHA512` file checksum
  6. UUID - Generate `UUID`
  7. Lorem Ipsum - Generate `Lorem Ipsum` text (words, sentences, paragraphs)
  8. QR Code - Create QR code
  9. Case - Convert string to `camel`, `constant`, `dot`, `lower`, `lcfirst`, `no`, `param`, `pascal`, `path`, `sentence`, `snake`, `swap`, `title`, `upper`, `ucfirst` and `hashtag` case
  10. Number Base - Base conversion between `decimal`, `hex`, `octal` and `binary`
  11. JSON - JSON formatting as tab, 2 spaces, 4 spaces indents and minify
  12. Base64 Image - Imgage Base64 Encode as Base64 string,Base64 Data URI, HTML <img> code and CSS Background Source
  13. time - Convert unix time / natural date string to time format



  • Alfred 5



  • QR Code Image size
  • Time Convert
    • Time Format
    • Time Zone
  • UUID default amounts for clipboard auto-detecting for non-numeric formats
  • Lorem Ipsum default amounts for clipboard auto-detecting for non-numeric formats


Download / Source Code
Make sure to download the latest released directly from the releases page. Download here

Source Code https://github.com/cage1016/alfred-devtoys


Change Log



  • remove placeholder with default value to makes the workflow considerably easier to set up on first run.
  • use logrus instead of log to support log level for better debug experience



  • code sign and notarize support
  • refactor time convert
  • fix missing icons



  • add default amounts for clipboard auto-detecting for non-numeric formats to UUID and Lorem Ipsum
  • rearrange workflow structure for new features releases


  • fix clipboard issue for Apple M1
  • fix typo error


  • add time convert (unix time / natural date)
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3 hours ago, snoop182 said:

hello, nice workflow thx, I will test it :) 


I have a proposition how to extend QR code functionality, to make it more "native" like here https://github.com/wensonsmith/QRcodeCreator --> add "Browse in Alfred" preview for generated image with QR code


Thanks for your feedback and try this scenario by myself few times. I will adopt your feedback and revise default action as browse in alfred at release v1.10 

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  • cage.chung changed the title to Devtoys - A Swiss Army knife for developers for Alfred v1.7.1

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