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Web Search vs Workflows

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I understand that workflows are obviously much more powerful and flexible, but I am specifically talking about web searches. I have set up multiple custom web search queries for both calling websites and for searching within them. However, I have now discovered that you can (if I understand correctly) do the same thing using workflows. I am wondering what difference, if any, is present between the two methods.


TL;DR: is there any difference in calling a website through web search vs workflows

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Welcome @TekEgg,


If the only thing you’re doing is connecting a Keyword Input to an Open URL Action, it will behave the same as a Custom Web Search.

But say you add a Split Argument between them. Suddenly you can give your Keyword a bunch of words separated by commas and the open URL will open the site that many times, once for each word. One extra object, many more possibilities. And that’s a single example; Open URL also allows Using Variables in Workflows in addition to {query} and you can define what part of your input should be URL-escaped or not. Plus, you can tell the Workflow to automatically do stuff after the website has opened, like wait for the page to load then press a key combination.

In sum, a Custom Web Search is like a fast way of making a really simple Workflow for opening a web page. When you need more control or to perform several actions, use the Workflow editor.

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