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Alfred 5: Add user configuration password field

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Definitely enjoying Alfred 5's new user configuration UI. Great work.


Would it be possible to add a Password Field that is equivalent to a Text Field but the value in the input is masked? The reason why this would be handy is because this would allow users to supply sensitive information that is hidden from view by default. Great when taking screenshots, having someone enter an API key which you don't want others seeing when demoing your workflow, etc.


Here's what I'm thinking that would be nice to have:




Then, with the UI, this could be masked:



There could even be a little 👁‍🗨 icon to the right of the text field for anyone who wanted to temporarily reveal the contents of the text field.


At the moment, the only way to work around this is to manually inform users of your workflow (via the workflow documentation) to update their environment key for a the currently installed workflow with the sensitive information that you don't want to show in the screenshot above. I'd like to reduce the need for this manual step on my users if possible.





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Great suggestion @Brooke Kuhlmann and I have to say I also like the the user configuration UI (just used it to finally update my Confluence Quicksearch workflow).


However I'd really want to have the password field to store its content safely too. I guess what I mean: 💯 for @Andrew's internal ticket. 🙂

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