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SwitchAudio - Yet Another Audio Device Switcher

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# 🔈 SwitchAudio Alfred Workflow




Yet another audio input/output switching interface for SwitchAudioSource

Tested with Alfred 5 and macOS Monterey.


## Motivation

All the other workflows I tried were incompatible with macOS Monterey, so I
figured it would be easier to just build my own


## Prerequisites

You need to have both SwitchAudioSource and JQ installed on your mac. This is
most easily done via Homebrew:


brew install switchaudio-osx jq


Also you will need Alfred Powerpack. This workflow was tested with Alfred 5 only.


## Installation

Download the workflow from GitHub the latest release page and open it :)


## Usage

In Alfred type

;so — to switch output device

;si — to switch input device


## Screenshots

Output selection


output selection


Input selection


input selection

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