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Alfred won't trigger when I'm in a password box in the browser

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My keyboard shortcut to toggle Alfred is option-space.  In Mac OS 12.4, with Firefox 91.11.0esr, this won't work to open Alfred from a password box.  (E.g. citi.com)  I'm using Alfred 4.7; the behavior was the same on 4.6.7.


Command-space in a password box will open Spotlight just fine.  I can type spaces fine.  I can even paste text into the password box.  It's only Alfred that doesn't seem to work.  Also from a password box, I can't bring up my clipboard history in Alfred (Ctrl-Option-C) or launch the iTunes mini player (Ctrl-Command-Enter).


Does anyone know what might be causing this or how to fix it?

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Thanks, that solves it!!!


I do use special keyboard layouts and occasionally play Minecraft (Java edition) so I guess I'll have to see if standard causes any problems.  (Referring here to the note about compatibility mode which says "useful if using Alfred alongside keyboard remappers or Java applications.")

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