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Help about environmental variables after upgraded to Alfred 5

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Hey everyone!


Upgraded to Alfred 5 recently. The new tools in workflow are great. 

But there's one problem to me, I could not get the values of some system environmental variables anymore in Run Script (bash/zsh/python).

Variables $HOME, $PATH, $SHELL etc were shown in debugging console without any problem

but if I try things like $JAVA_HOME and $SSH_AUTH_SOCK, these values are empty. (`export` in terminal shows the values.)


Alfred 4 works fine.


Anyone who has ideas?

Thanks and appreciated for any help!

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Welcome @vaporpipe,


By design, Alfred doesn’t read your shell’s startup files. Only some of the variables are set, to make the environment more consistent across installs. That is important for debugging and sharing Workflows, as well as more stable in general. Alfred 4 would read those only in special circumstances, the current behaviour of reading less is intended.

If you need those extra variables, you can set them in the Run Script or source the relevant files (e.g. source "${HOME}/.zshrc").

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