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Finding Folders - newbie question

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Coming from LaunchBar - TOTALLY perplexed. I bring up Alfred search, I type in "UBA" - a primary folder in my Documents folder - HELLO? Alfred, you listening? It's right there - the UBA folder. Nothing - just a crapload of documents with "uba" in the file name somewhere. I need to browse my file system - folders are actually a "thing" in a file system - find folder "UBA" already.... 



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Thanks, Stephen_C. Yes, folders is checked. Is there no baked-in way to restrict find to folders? I do a TON of drilling through my file system with LaunchBar, especially from Save and Open dialog boxes (during the use of [Shift + Command + G] to Go To Folder).


I will say, after letting it bake overnight, it seems to be doing *little* better, but I would still rate it as pretty lame. I'm not sure how indexing would rank a file named "220805_03_AHA_ticket.txt" Above the parent folder named "AHA" when I search "AHA". I want Alfred to learn that AHA means the parent folder for my client "AHA", but there are so many ticket documents in the search results that the folder AHA isn't even visible to select it and make it stick.


I really want to like Alfred, but this does not appear very intelligent to me. I will readily admit that I'm probably missing something very basic.

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Have you looked at the example workflow included: "Simple folder search"? If not go to Alfred preferences, click on "Workflows" and then on the plus sign at the bottom of the column and choose "Examples > Simple Folder Search".




Edit: I suggest you also read Understanding Result Ordering from Alfred's help pages.

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@e2o Welcome to the forum :)


As @Stephen_C suggests, using File Filters like the Simple Folder Search workflow will likely give you what you have in mind.


This guide will walk you through creating your own File Filter:



If you set the file type to folders, then the only result type you'll get is folders.


You may also enjoy using the File Navigation, which you can access by typing ~ or / into Alfred to start navigating:



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