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Automation Task "Switch to Chromium Browser Tab with Matching URL " not working

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[15:12:41.763] ERROR: whatsapp[Automation Task] Task Error: ./run: execution error: Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'Application("System Events")
      .actions') (-2700)

Getting the above error

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3 hours ago, Venkat said:

Just trying to open the tab that matches the URL


Yes, I understand what you’re trying to do, but before you posted your configuration I didn’t even know which browser you were trying to do that to. Everything is important information.

First let’s go the easy route. If you close and reopen Google Chrome, does it work then?

If not, try the Automation Task right above that one, Get Chromium Browser Tabs with Matching URL with the same settings. Does it work? If not, is it the same error or a new one?

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2 minutes ago, Venkat said:

just that it is not bringing the window to focus.


Again, I need to know more about your setup. How many windows do you have open? How many tabs per window (roughly)? Are they incognito, regular, different profiles? Anything you can think of. Remember this is not working for you so I need to know what’s odd about your specific setup. I can only fix the problem if I can reproduce it.


5 minutes ago, Venkat said:

no way to differentiate which Google chrome profile?


They don't make that information available via the AppleScript dictionary. But even if they did, that would be too specialised. Something like a separate task to bring the specific profile to the front might make more sense.

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