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Provide unified operation logic


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I have a timestamp converted workflow.image.png

Normally, the workflow is triggered by the 'time' keyword.image.png截屏2022-08-18 20.54.46.png

However, it will be strange if I want to trigger it through universal action.

The script filter is triggered by keyword, but the name is required to trigger by universal action.image.png截屏2022-08-18 20.55.40.png

The operation of the same function is very fragmented. Of course, this is only one scene, and there are many other similar scenes. Therefore, can a more unified operation logic be provided?

For example, the second alias can be set for all workflow modules, or the workflow can be triggered by name.
On the other hand, the search logic is also a bit fragmented. Typical examples are application filtering and workflow filtering. One through name and one through keyword. The filtering logic of the two is inconsistent.

Launchbar6 gives people a unified feeling in search matching.


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