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Hotkey to display set of specific keywords & wanting to keep same Alfred display order each time

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I've probably created quite the convoluted workflow, but it appears to work exactly how I want...


I want to have a single hotkey (I'm actually assigning this as a single key on my keyboard) that when executed gives me a list of 3 keyword actions (open the Fantastical new event, open the Todoist new task and open a new Craft doc). I've prefixed all 3 keywords with "add!-" and then my Hotkey has a text argument with that text. So that way when the Hotkey is pressed, it only shows the 3 actions. This works perfectly, however the order the "Task", "Event" and "Note" actions show up in Alfred are not the same each time. The latest action is always at the top.


1) Is there a more obvious way to achieve the function I'm looking for here (I'm happy to keep what I have since it works), but out of curiosity I would be interested in the better way.

2) Is it possible to keep the same order for these keywords each time or is the last used keyword always displayed at the top?




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