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Assign F7 Key to Skip Back in Video

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Hello folks,


Can someone help me with the following please. Say if I am using Word to transcribe the audio from a video I am watching in IINA, on my Mac keyboard while still in Word I can press F8 which is the play/pause key and the video will play/pause in IINA, but if I press the F7 key it will jump back to the previous video, I want it to skip back five seconds in the current video which means I have to click out of Word into IINA and then use IINA's navigation keys to rewind five seconds and then click back into Word. Is there a way to assign F7 to skip back in the video playing in IINA [and not jump back to the previous video] without having to leave the program I am typing in?

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3 minutes ago, vitor said:

You have to change the option in IINA itself. Go into its preferences → Key Bindings and duplicate the one you use. On the rightmost box search for PREV and NEXT—which are the media keys for forward and backward—and edit them to do a Seek.

Thanks Vitor, I just downloaded IINA so didn't know that was an option. Anyway I just tried it but it won't recognise the F7 key unless I press the fn key with it. I find this strange because I don't have to press the fn key to be able to make it play/pause using the F8 key, how do I get it the F7 key to work without having to press the fn key, any ideas?


Thank you.

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