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Shorten URL with YOURLS

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I was looking for a workflow to shorten URLS with my self-hosted YOURLS installation, but all the workflows I found were pretty old and either the download links didn't work anymore, or they used usr/bin/php, which doesn't seem to work anymore? I'm sure you could get those old workflows to work, but I didn't know how, so I made my own based on the bash script found here. I don't actually know a lot about scripting, there's probably a better way to do this, but this works for me and maybe someone will get some use out of it :) 


To setup, you need to change two lines in the "Run Script" utility, inserting the URL of your YOURLS installation and the signature token from your "Tools" page. 


The workflow itself works via the keyword "short", though you can change that of course, and it looks for the URL in your clipboard. The resulting short URL is then again copied to your clipboard. Optionally you can type something after the keyword, so something like "short newlink" would shorten whatever URL you have copied to "http://your.site/newlink" and copy that to your clipboad.


You can download the workflow here.

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