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Using automation to auto launch an app

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I am trying to set up a workflow whereby it checks if an app is running, and then if it is then it will launch another app. Ideally I would like to have this running in the background, so the two apps are always active at the same time. Is this possible with automation? i see there is an object called "is app running?" but i am not sure what to use it to achieve what i descrived... any help would be greatly appreciated.

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15 minutes ago, vitor said:

By design, Alfred has to be explicitly called. Constantly checking in the background for a running app would be inefficient. Why not instead have a Keyword which launches the two apps at once? Why check for what’s running?


You have a point - i have done just that and had it set up just now. Was curious though if Alfred 5 could offer the monitoring functionality as mentioned, the new automation feature seems useful. 

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