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Alfred occasionally opens apps' LOCATIONS in Finder, rather than opening the app itself.

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Occasionally, Alfred will open the Finder location of an app, rather than opening the app itself. I think I might be typing fairly quick, so I'm not sure if Alfred is just loading the file path and then seeing the app, so when I press Enter too quickly it's opening the file path, rather than loading the result and then trying to open the App. Is there anything I can do to eliminate this behavior?

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On 8/31/2022 at 1:58 AM, Andrew said:

@Cooldude9210 The default combo for Reveal in Finder is ⌘Enter - could it be that you're hitting this combo instead of just Enter?


Try disabling this combo in Alfred's Advanced preferences and see how you get on.




I've figured out what was going on. I've also got BTT installed, and apparently at some point I decided to implement a shortcut that pressing Enter while in Shortcuts would press CMD+Enter. I never pieced it together that it was only happening while Shortcuts was in focus, since the act of opening the app's location changed the focus to Finder, therefore the BTT shortcut no longer was implemented. I figured this out because it was also doing it when I tried to run a shortcut from alfred while Shortcuts was in focus and so it was asking for an argument. I tend to forget that Alfred doesn't take focus when called up.

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