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Changed from TextExpander - is there a way to manage the trigger, when a snippet is expanded?

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Hi there,

just switched over from TextExpander and I miss the feature, that a snippet is only expanded after a trigger (space, ., , "to be defined") is pressed afterwards.


I'll have a snipped for "ag" (Alles Gute (it's german)) and it automatically expands e.g. if i write "Tag". Dunno why.


Any ideas?



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@hubutz As @Stephen_C suggests, unchecking Expand Mid-String is a good start to stop accidental expansion within a word.


As well, you can add a space after your keyword either within the keyword itself or as a collection suffix, so that it only expands once you add the suffix; E.g. "ag[space]" so that it only expands if you type "ag" followed by a space, but doesn't expand if you start typing "agricultural" :)


I would recommend considering slightly less basic snippet keywords to avoid these kinds of accidental expansions. Here are a few tips on choosing keywords:




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