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Find & replace: error checking for failed find

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Using @Andrew's workflow from this post I discovered that find and replace appears to be case sensitive (which is fine). However, in a workflow I'd need to warn a user if the find word was not found (because of a case error, for example). I've tried a Conditional to match {var:find} to ' ' or to false but nothing seems to pick up the error. How can I trap it, please? (RegEx seems a little bit of a challenge in that context.)



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Sorry Vitor, I am clearly being obtuse, but I can't get that to work anywhere in Andrew's workflow—either when added after storing {var:find} or (which seems less logical, because by then {query} is entirely different, after storing {var:replace}). It just seemed to me that in that workflow I had to match {var:find} to something. The only place I can match it to the initial input ("{query}") is after storing {var:find} and by passing {query} through to the conditional . Am I doing something stupid (quite possible!)?



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