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Confluence Quicksearch Major Release: v2.0.0

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I hope it's ok that I am sharing a workflow again that has been around for a while. However, it's a complete rewrite to finally support macOS 12.3 with some nice new features:

  • Super simple configuration thanks to the new Workflow User Configuration in Alfred 5.
  • Limit to search to single spaces by adding -s <spacekey> to the search terms
  • Limit to search to content types by adding -t <contentTypes> to the search terms (<contentTypes> is a comma-separated list of page, blogpost, attachment, e.g. page,attachment)
  • Directly edit pages when selecting a search result with ⌘Enter
  • Copy Confluence page URL with ⌘C


More Info: https://github.com/skleinei/alfred-confluence/discussions/16
Download: https://github.com/skleinei/alfred-confluence/releases/tag/2.0.0


🚨 Please note:


I hope you find the new version useful.


Edited by Stefan Kleineikenscheidt
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