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Workflow from within a Workflow

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I have a simple workflow I want to run at the completion of another workflow. It is a workflow that just using a keyword with not input -- Is there an efficient way to trigged the workflow after the first workflow completes? I'm guessing i could assign a hotkey to the 2nd workflow and have it trigger the hotkey but wondering if there is a better way.



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Just now, sepulchra said:

It also has to have an external trigger in the 2nd?


Yes. Or an inbound configuration.


1 minute ago, sepulchra said:

I was just using Call External with the bundle id of the first.


You don’t use the Workflow’s bundle ID, you use the trigger’s ID. A single Workflow can have a myriad of options of being called, just having it’s ID wouldn’t make it clear where the external call should start.

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