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Hi Alfred team and community! At this moment, Alfred has integration with Chrome and Safari to display their bookmarks in the results. Unfortunately, I use Microsoft Edge and have to always manually sync bookmarks between Edge -> Chrome so Alfred shows them in the results.


- Is there a plan to add Microsoft Edge as a browser integration? (It's chromium based as well!)

- In the meanwhile, how can I sync these two browser bookmarks? Any script/workflow you can help me with?

- Or, can I add bookmarks directly to Chrome (without opening chrome) via Alfred? This way, I don't care about syncing bookmarks across browsers.



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  • andy4222 changed the title to Can Alfred show Microsoft Edge bookmarks instead of Chrome?

You can use a workflow to see Edge bookmarks, such the one by mdreizin. Because it uses a Go unsigned binary, you’ll have to tell macOS to allow it to run (scroll down to “If you want to open an app that hasn’t been notarised or is from an unidentified developer”).


@Acidham I checked yours first but noticed it doesn’t support Edge. Is it on purpose?

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  • vitor changed the title to Show Microsoft Edge bookmarks

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