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Google/Wikipedia workflow showing dynamic search results during typing?

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Hi all, I'm looking for a workflow that dynamically searches google/wikipedia as I type and lists the results so I can directly choose and open one without having to open the search results page in the browser. IIRC, the old Wikipedia workflow by Willi Raschkowski used to behave like this and it was super convenient. I see workflows that provide search suggestions as I type, but search results would be even more useful. Anyone aware of such a workflow?

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15 hours ago, giovanni said:

Searchio! also did that. I have a Python3 version if you are interested in trying it, but it is not thoroughly tested so we might need to troubleshoot 


Doesn't Searchio! show search suggestions rather than results? What I'm looking for is to perform the search itself inside Alfred so I can directly jump to the relevant piece of information. Doesn't Searchio! require opening the Google/Wikipedia/etc search results page?

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On 9/15/2022 at 10:12 PM, vitor said:

Is it ready for a release

A first release is here. As I mentioned, not thoroughly tested (especially importing from URL), feedback welcome. 

Note: it might need a reload after installation (bug documented here).


As the developer pointed out, it is tedious to work on a Workflow that changes its own plist file!



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