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Not Working: Action Modifier + Search with Finder

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Under Advanced Preferences, I've set the following:


ctrl + ↵ = Search with default web search

alt + ↵ = Search with Finder

cmd + ↵ = Reveal in Finder


Everything works fine, except: alt + ↵ = Search with Finder. After pressing return, nothing happens. If you can figure out what's going on, please let me know.


action modifiers.png


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I set both action modifiers (control and command) to Search with Finder. Then set alt/option to anything but Search with Finder.


ctrl + ↵ = Search with Finder

alt + ↵ = Search with default web search

cmd + ↵ = Search with Finder


Both control and command execute their actions, except alt/option. I haven't figured out why.


action modifiers 02.png

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Weird. Looks like something is interfering with your ⌥.

In which context are you trying it? A workflow (which?), regular file search, something else?

To find hotkeys in use by Workflows, go to Alfred Preferences → Workflows and click the (…) at the top (to the right of the Filter bar) followed by Show Hotkeys.

For keyboard shortcut conflicts caused by other apps, ShortcutDetective (scroll down until you see the detective badge) may be of help.

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The following worked for me. My advanced settings were set to:


Alfred Preferences > Advanced > Force Keyboard > Blank (by default)




I changed it from Blank to U.S.




The action modifier alt + ↵ now functions as it should. In the past, I left it blank by default. I've been using it for regular file searches.


Thanks for the advices you gave me.

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