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Several  symbol are added in multiple locations when excusing a snippet from Alfred

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Hi I have a problem with several snippets (not all). When I execute a snippet to be placed to one of my work apps, Several  symbol are added in multiple (same every time) locations.

These  Â symbol are not present (or seen) in the original snippet. I assume it the text encoding issue, but not sure how to fix it. It happens whether I choose to use a rich or plane text.

What can I do to fix it?

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Picture 1 is how it appears in the snippets section of Alfred

Picture 2 is how the same segment of the same snippet as it appears after it is auto-expanded into a separate software window. 

It always happens with several snippets (not all), when I auto-expand them into a particular software (over citrix).

It does not happen when I auto-expand them elsewhere - like in this window - see below.

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This is exactly what I thought.


The funny thing is - if I delete these characters in citrix window, copy and paste the text back to alfred and use it again to copy to citrix, the symbols re-appear again. Do you know the way to fix it?

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