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ArXiv - search and download articles from arxiv.org


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Workflow to search for articles on arXiv.org and view or download them. The workflow was tested with Alfred 5.





arxiv <query>, e.g. arxiv longformer

This will search arxiv.org for papers matching your search criteria and display the most relevant ones.

arxiv <arxiv URL | arxiv ID>, e.g. arxiv https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.05150 or arxiv 2004.05150

This will display the provided arxiv article and offer the possibility to download the PDF quickly.


Press Enter to view the article on arxiv.org.

Press Shift + Enter to copy the article URL.

Press Cmd + Enter to view the PDF in the browser.

Press Shift + Cmd + Enter to copy the PDF URL.

Press Alt + Enter to download the PDF.


Download | Source

Edited by sn1
Updated download link
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Welcome @sn1,


Looks good! Tips:

  • The About is the first thing users see when opening your workflow and the quickest way to reference usage after they have it installed. But it is currently empty.
  • There is a File Picker user configuration item which is tailor-made for the downloadfolder case. You can set ~/Downloads as the default value and user will be able to change it with a picker.

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