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Add a built-in TFA / OTP decoder...


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For ages there has been an excellent workflow (Gauth) that provides a simple TFA/OTP generating interface - which is amazingly useful once you get it working.  However it is one of the PY2 workflows that is difficult to get working with newer versions of macOS - the latest macOS / XCode updates have broken the hacked py3 version that somene created from the original again ...


Given how pervasive TFA/OTP schemes are right now (and increasingly so) it maybe is now time to build this kind of function into the Alfred Core. I can see several benefits that would acrue from so doing:

  • It would be faster - the PY version (particularly on first load after a boot) is quite slow (when it works)
  • It would continue to work when macOS updates - difficult to over state how useful this is ...
  • It could possibly store its secrets in the macOS keychain - Gauth saves them into a plain-text file which is possibly not the most secure approach
  • It could be built into other workflows
  • It is really not complicated to do (utility libraries to support generating the requisite codes exist for most languages it seems)


Fingers crossed that this idea gains some support - I think implementing this would be a big step up.

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