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CocoaPods Search Workflow

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Hi there,

This is my first workflow and I thought it would be cool to share it with you people :)




The workflow is far from perfect that's for sure (a big reason for this is that relies on undocumented/non-public api for performing the search on cocoapods.org [i will contact them in order to see if there's a proper solution... when I'll find some spare time :P])


The actual workflow is very simple, it gets a query and searches for any pods by name, indicating the current version and platform support (via its icon). Hit enter on a result and it will open the project's webpage for you.


The undrelying script is written in Python and it uses the BeautifulSoup module (I wish I could avoid it but it's part of the problem mentioned above).


You can find the workflow at github here


My email is alladinian@gmail.com and you can find me on Twitter as @alladinian


I hope you guys will find the workflow useful, thanks !

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