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This is a workflow I created for quickly opening the conference URL (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, etc.) of your next calendar event.



There is no associated Alfred Forum post, but you can see by the GitHub stars and past issues that I am not the only user of the workflow. 😅


There are no dependencies or unsigned binaries in the workflow (icalBuddy used to be required, but it has since been removed to make the workflow more portable and to bypass permission issues).


A screenshot (with shadow and the default Alfred theme) is attached.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 1.24.43 PM.png

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Very complete submission. Thank you.


Suggestion: since the Conference Domains list is quite long, how about using a medium Text Area instead of a Text Field? Then split on newlines instead of commas.



As I say, it’s a suggestion. It doesn’t affect inclusion in the Gallery.

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