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[Workflow]Currency Converter

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Currency Converter


GitHub Page:



Download Link:



This workflow supports 3 types of currency conversion.



Case 1: cur [base_currency]


It would display the value of the tracked currencies relative to USD 1.

New currency can be added into the list by running currency add [currency], but currency not being tracked can also be displayed by typing the full currency name.


Case 2: cur [base_currency] [base_currency_amount]


[base_currency_amount] can be expressed using k (thousand), m (million), b (billion)

For example, 900,000 can be expressed in 0.9m


Case 3: cur [base_currency] [base_currency_amount] [quote_currency]



In all cases, clicking Enter would copy the currency value to clipboard.


If you enjoy the workflow, please consider leaving a star at the github repository. And if you have any ideas about how to improve this workflow, please also feel free to let me know! :)

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