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Alfred Switch Chrome Profiles

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@TRU I have this almost ready to go in, but noticed that since my PR you have added OneUpdater. Gallery workflows are updatable from within Alfred itself, and as part of that a prerequisite for inclusion is that workflows not auto-update themselves. This is to avoid a confusing interaction of crossed updates and for security reasons, as Gallery workflows go through a number of checks. In other words, OneUpdater has to be removed.

Unrelated, since Alfred 5 includes the Homebrew installation paths and users can install dependencies directly from the Preferences, the TOOLS_PATH config should also be removed. In the off chance a user really needs a custom PATH, they can add it via the Workflow Environment Variables.

I was going to also submit a PR for these changes, but I stopped because I want to ask what’s the jq branch of the Conditional is for. Does it serve a purpose or is it forgotten from a previous version? Also, I noticed the workflow’s name is set as Switch Chrome Profiles fzf. The fzf does not seem intentional.


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