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Cool. BTW, what’s the guideline to make workflows with regard to binaries. Signing binary might require apple developer account which adds and extra step/hurdle. 

Is it recommended to use languages/frameworks like node, python that most people already have installed on macOS and hence doesn’t require a executable. Languages like Go and Rust might not be installed and add extra dependencies

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Node isn’t included by default, though it can be installed easily. Python is one of the top five most popular languages in the world, number one in several lists, so no wonder it’s popular for workflows too. macOS ships with it (on first run it prompts a one-time GUI to install it), albeit not the most recent version (3.8.9, tends not to matter).

Go and Rust remove dependencies, they don’t add them. Though if they’re unsigned there’s one less check macOS can make. But there are workflows built in Go and signed.

Important to note Alfred has Swift in the language dropdown! Code in there remains viewable and doesn’t require a developer account.

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