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With this workflow you can:

  • pydoc {query} - Search Python documentation at docs.python.org
  • pypi {query} - Lookup a Python package at pypi.org
  • spypi {query} - Search for packages at pypi.org
  • pyanaconda {query} - Search Anaconda documentation at docs.anaconda.com
  • pyreddit {query} - Search the /r/LearnPython subreddit on reddit.com
  • pydjango {query} - Search Django documenation at docs.djangoproject.com
  • pyflask {query} - Search Flask documentation at flask.palletsprojects.com
  • pyrequests {query} - Search Requests documentation at requests.readthedocs.io
  • pyboto3 {query} - Search boto3 documentation at boto3.amazonaws.com
  • pyurllib3 {query} - Search Requests documentation at urllib3.readthedocs.io
  • pypandas {query} - Search pandas documentation at pandas.pydata.org
  • pypip {query} - Search the pip documentation at pip.pypa.io
  • pynumpy {query} - Search the numpy documentation at numpy.org



Don't get interrupted and taken our of your (work) flow. Immediately get the information you need.


No setup, login or configuration.



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