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Quick show specific images / pdf workflow

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I am using a few shortcut / keymaps cheat sheets for some applications I am using and I find my self opening them very frequently and closing them right after.

So I was wondering if it is possible to have a workflow which shows a specific image as quickly as possible without opening another app like preview, so that it can be closed right after as quickly as possible.

Ideally the image should be displayed as big as possible depending on the current monitor where I activated Alfred.


So again, the idea is to just have a quick peak at a very detailed image (thus it should not be too small) without opening any apps.


Does this make sense?

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Welcome @KaputtZimon,


Quick way to do it is have a File Filter Input to match those, then tap ⇧ or ⌘Y in the results list, which shows a Quick Look preview you can dismiss with Esc or pressing the same shortcut.

Or you can have the File Filter connected to a Run Script Action with default settings and code qlmanage -p &>/dev/null "${1}" so that the Quick Look preview shows up on ↩.

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thanks, the script together with the file filter is already pretty close for what I was looking for. However I have trouble zooming in and moving around in the image when not using the trackpad... but that is a problem of Quick Look and I am not sure if there are similar alternative out there

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