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Karabiner-Elements Alfred Workflow


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@suliveevil Thank you for your patience. Karabiner Elements wasn’t really collaborating in a VM. This is almost ready to go in, but would you mind doing a couple of updates? Namely:

  • The icon has a white square background and is the old Karabiner icon. Double-clicking the workflow in Alfred Preferences and then dropping the Karabiner Elements app on the icon section will update it.
    • And with that a new screenshot, please.
  • The workflow’s name is separated by hyphens. It would be better separated by spaces.
  • The name in Created By isn’t yours. I understand you’re not the original author but you are the maintainer of this version. If you feel strongly about crediting the original author there, perhaps add your name in addition to. I’ll also see about crediting the two other authors in the Gallery page.
  • The bundle ID should be updated. This one matters because it really is a different workflow, even if based on another. It makes a difference when installing. You can use app.alfred.suliveevil.karabinerelementsprofileswitcher.


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