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Dropbox sync does not correct sync workflows


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Alfred version (on both macs): 5.0.3 [2087]

Macos: 12.5.1


I have 2 macs where one(A) was synced via Dropbox. For some reason I found out that my other mac (B) was not using any sync so I pointed it to the dropbox location and synced.


Everything seems to be fine, the workflows from A were all synced to B. However whenever I create a new Workflow on B, the workflow appears as an empty, unnamed workflow on A.

When I create a Workflow on A it is correctly synced to B.

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@KaputtZimon Are both Macs set to have that Dropbox folder stored locally or only online? Please make sure that you've got the folder set not to use their SmartSync feature. If the folder isn't stored locally, it's possible that Alfred isn't able to save changes on Mac B, which makes it appear to not be syncing.


Let me know if this improves the sync behaviour once you've changed this. 

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