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Say if you’re the author or submitting someone else’s workflow.

I am the author of the workflow.


Share a link to its thread on the Alfred Forum.

Not aware of any thread.


Share a link to its main page (e.g. GitHub).



If it has dependencies, say what those are unless they are explicit in the About or README.

This workflow is for controlling the Mac app Amphetamine, so that app is a dependency.


Provide screenshots, unless valid ones are in the About or README.



How to use it

From the readme:

Amphetamine (https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/amphetamine/id937984704?mt=12) is a Mac app that can be used to stop your Mac from sleeping for a period of time (or indefinitely as long as it has power).
This workflow allows you to apply some basic control of Amphetamine from Alfred.  You can set the Mac to stay awake indefinitely, for a fixed number of hours or minutes, or until a particular time. Similarly you can also trigger it to stay off.
A number of presets are also included for use with the Alfred Remote app.
Full documentation for this workflow can be found at http://thoughtasylum.com/alfred/alfred_dose_for_amphetamine/
• Enable stay awake 
	dose on | dose start
• Disable stay awake
	dose off | dose stop
• Enable stay awake for various times
	dose 5m | dose 10 m | dose 90mins | dose 1h | dose 2hours |dose 3hrs
• Stay awake until a particular time
	dose 08:45 | dose 20:45


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Thank you for the thorough submissions, only screenshots aren’t as requested. Specifically:



Of the full Alfred window, with shadow and no background: press ⌘⇧4 then hit the space bar; hover over the Alfred window and click.


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See details in this response on another thread to this. It does not appear to be related to a disabled shadow on screenshots.

There looks to be an issue with Alfred and the theme I've been using (forever) - the shadow is omitted when the screenshot is taken whereas with other themes the shadow is included. As noted there, I propose to do the screenshots using the default "Alfred" theme.

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