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Regex filter not working in workflow

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When running this at 10 or 16 at the proper time (10AM, 4PM) or not, doesn't trigger the next action. I can run the filter fine for equal/not equal.

Running Alfred 5.0.3 macOs 12.6

My test setup is really simple. I press the hotkey and check my clipboar


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Dynamic placeholders don’t expand in that box. Before the Filter Utility¹, add a Arg and Vars Utility and put {date:HH} there as the Argument. Then use {query} (or leave it empty) in the Filter.


Moving out of bug reports because it’s working as expected. Places where the dynamic placeholders expand say so (see the text in the Copy to Clipboard screenshot).


¹ consider a Conditional Utility instead, it can still have only one output.


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